ninth new thing...

ok. so this week's installment of the 52 new things will be short and sweet. for several reasons.
reason #1: i have no documentation (e.g. "photographic evidence") of it occurring;
reason #2: it was sort of a last minute, whim-esque new thing;
reason #3: i'm slightly embarrassed because my parents read this blog.
but, alas, i will write about it anyway. for my 9th new thing, i did something that most people in the dating pool have certainly done before turning 29. i left my phone number for someone at a bar.

i should just leave it at that, but oddly enough, i feel the need to explain. my gbf chris and i headed out to a little mexican restaurant in little five points because we heard our favorite nashville lesbian musician would be in town. you know me, i try never to miss a jen foster show. we ate dinner at the place next door and then headed over to sabroso. sat down at the bar at 830 prepped for a 9 o'clock show that would surely have us home before 1030. we (and by "we", i mean "chris") introduced ourselves to the bartender, erin, and ordered a couple of beers. the bar was an interesting mix of lesbians, straights and gays, oh my. 9 came and went, 930 came and went. no sign of jen. at this point chris was getting annoyed. and i was holding several glasses of water and a couple of beers in my little body that wanted out. a trip to the ladies room was needed.

upon returning chris apparently had done some reconnaissance work. erin was single. and bored with the typical bar patron. and looking for a girl who knew how to put on makeup and straighten her hair. did i mention i flat-ironed my hair and put on mascara and lip gloss before leaving the house? i don't know why i thought it was a good idea to leave my business card with my signed credit card slip. i certainly wasn't drunk. and i had truly done a poor job of trying to chat her up all night. (in my defense, it was crowded and she was super busy...and i have no game.)

but the point of this year of 52 new things is to do not only new things but also things that push me out of my comfort zone. and i was certainly uncomfortable. it took several drafts of different "pick-up lines" on the back of my card to come up with the right one. we ended up going with the least original line in the history of mankind ("call me sometime") instead of my preferred statement ("i'd like to take you to dinner") because chris liked it better. and i defer to him when it comes to picking up strangers.

as for how this went over, let's just say my phone hasn't been ringing. but, hey, i did it. and you know what? i don't regret it. so she didn't call. so what? baby steps. it's all about baby steps.

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cdm said...

Now and for always my number one desire, dream, wish, and prayer for you is to find happiness - what ever that may be. Just be careful and know that I will always love you no matter what!