just so you know...

last week oprah winfrey announced the newest selection for her book club, bestowing the most lucrative honor in the literary world to love in the time of cholera by columbian-born nobel laureate gabriel garcia marquez. those of you familiar with my slightly unhealthy obsession with the john cusack-kate beckinsale-bridget moynahan gem serendipity will understand why this choice intrigues me so much. if they release hard backed copies with this cover, i imagine johnathan trager-esque behavior in bookstores across the country. what i wouldn't give to find sara thomas' phone number on the first page of my copy.

one hundred years of solitude-- marquez's most famous novel and oprah book club selection in 2004-- has been on my list of books to read for many, many years. his most recent selection by oprah precedes the mid-november theatrical release of the mike newell directed film staring every spanish actor in hollywood.

i have yet to get through the two previous oprah book club selections-- middlesex and eat. pray. love.-- and, therefore, doubt that i will read littoc before the film is released. but for those of you with nothing much to do, i recommend snatching this book up and finding out how far you would go for unrequited love.


Kendra said...

Love, love, love 100 Years of Solitude...at least the first half of it I have read. I can never seem to finish all of it with the distraction that is grad school right now.

Love in the Time of Cholera? You hope to see Sara Thomas' #, I hope to have John Cusak find mine. :-)

Collins said...

write away, my dear. write away.

Mandy said...

I'm totally forwarding this to Mrs. Johnson, Crystal. This was on our reading list for AP English.