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i may be a little late on this one but i couldn't not blog about college kids and their increasing inability to get the point. last week texas tech banned the selling of a t-shirt made to commemorate that weekends football game against in-state rival texas a&m. as you may or may not know, texas a&m's mascot is reveille VII, an american collie and their call to arms-- their "conquer and prevail" if you will-- is the phrase "gig 'em".

a fraternity brother on campus at tech- in what can only be described as a lapse in judgement of what is funny and what is totally inappropriate- designed this shirt, with the play on words "vick 'em" on the front and a likeness of michael vick holding up a noose with poor reveille VII hanging by his neck on the back. when interviewed about his reasoning behind the couture creation, geoffrey candia told "the battalion", a&m's paper, that he had hoped to donate 50 percent of the proceeds to an animal defense league "because we knew there would be a controversy about the shirts, you know, animal rights, stuff like that."

gee, geoffrey, you think? now why in the world would the imagery of a confessed animal abuser breaking the neck of the beloved mascot of your rival upset anyone? surely the world is off its axis. what next? shirts with colonel reb with his boot on a prostrate cory boyd declaring "we still own you!" or a shirt with the image of a male cadet at the citadel with a woman kneeling in a ditch simulating oral sex proclaiming "women belong in the trenches!" just because you thought you were being funny and you were going to donate money to appease the "you know, animal rights" uproar to come doesn't give you the right to be a heartless, oblivious ass. show some class, dude. cheer for your team, wear your colors, put your "guns up" and have pride in being a red raider. but next time, leave the crass-tastic t-shirt at home. douche.

btw, i seriously think i went to the wrong school.

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