what a year for a new year...

last night, as i rang in 2008 with a few relatively new friends in a relatively new city, i not only memorialized the year that was 2007, but i also-- for the first time in a long time-- was elated for the champagne toast that signaled the coming new year. for today marks the beginning of a new adventure. an attempt to push myself out of the unhappy rut i have dug for myself over the last several years. 366 (it is a leap year, after all) opportunities for change.

2008 will mark the closing days of my 20s. but rather than wallow in this unchangeable fact, i choose to make something good out of it. so every week in 2008 i will do something new. something i have never done before. 52 new things. some will be big, taking months of planning and months of saving. others will be small, spur of the moment responses to unforeseen nuances of the year to be. but i look forward to every one and hope that you will come along on this wild ride, offering support, good natured mocking and useful suggestions along the way. please email or leave a comment or two to help me find my 52 new things.

so, here we go, ya'll. i hope you will come back every sunday to read what new thing i accomplished the previous week. i promise to keep it entertaining and UP-TO-DATE.

to quote rent, the best musical of the 1990s, it's gonna be a happy new year!

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mom said...

So 52 new things in 2008 - what a goal. All I want to do is lose about 20 pounds and get in better shape. A little tough for someone who is over 55 and never had to diet in her life, much less exercise. I will cheer you on, IF you help me. Soooo, what is it to be this week???